Customer comments: “We cannot say enough good things about the experience we’ve had with Lakeside Innovations. We purchased our WeedRoller Pro last summer, and right from the start, Cindy and Jeff did everything possible to ensure our customer experience was second to none.

I have NEVER received this level of customer service from anyone, and I am so glad we purchased our WeedRoller from Lakeside Innovations!! -Kim & Greg- July 2018″

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Lakeside Innovations-WeedRoller

Lakeside Innovations-WeedRoller is one of the largest authorized WeedRoller Dealers in the USA. We are a full service WeedRoller dealer; sales, parts and service. We do NOT sell docks, boats, or lifts; ONLY WeedRollers. We have a 85% referral rate and can't think of a better vote of confidence.

The WeedRoller Works

So You Don’t Have To

The WeedRoller can deliver a clear sandy lake bottom, all by itself. The WeedRoller is a very cost effective solution, using about as much energy as a 60 watt lightbulb.

Permit Help

Find Minnesota DNR 2019 Permit help here! We are very experienced with this process and can help you too!

Here is the  2019 DNR online permit for Aquatic Plant Management.  


We can help you to do this online paperwork

Need WeedRoller Parts & Service? We’re Here to Help You With Your WeedRoller!

 Big News in the war on weeds – Introducing the WeedRoller PRO!