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Remove Lake Weeds for the Whole season with the WeedRoller!


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The WeedRoller PRO has been eliminating lake weeds for over 25 years.

You don't want to use hazardous chemicals, heavy water rakes or expensive harvesting services, only to have the weeds came back. The WeedRoller PRO is a hands-free system that is environmentally friendly and easy to operate. 

Lakeside Innovations-WeedRoller



Jeff and Cindy Bonde, owners of Lakeside Innovations-WeedRoller, sell and service WeedRollers and are one of the largest sales, parts, and service dealers in the upper Midwest. This is what they do and their customers say they do it well. Jeff and Cindy provide excellent customer service and product knowledge. Their team has been installing, servicing, and selling WeedRollers for more than 20 years (close to the 25 years that the WeedRoller has been around)!

 As cabin owners for over 25 years they respect and love their lake, but they also want to enjoy every minute in the water without weeds and muck.  Jeff, Cindy, and their family enjoy water activities such as kayaking, swimming, sailing, and canoeing, but most of all they enjoy fishing. They found that the WeedRoller helps protect the fishing habitat as well. They feel that the WeedRoller finds the perfect balance of respecting the lake and allowing landowners, like themselves, to enjoy their investment.

They believe that owning Lakeside Innovations-WeedRoller and being a WeedRoller Dealer is the perfect fit for their passion for people, customer service, environmentally-friendly, and lake-friendly products!