• "I really appreciate your assistance with the permit. It is a pleasure to do business with good people like you."

    Jim R, Lake Minnetonka
  • "My WeedRoller works extremely well cleaning weeds and mud. Keeping the water moving has also improved my fishing and shoreline appearance."

    Ken O. Annandale, MN
  • "As a fishing guide in the Brainerd Lakes area, I have witnessed the absolutely clean bottom produced by the WeedRoller. The WeedRoller gets the best results."

    Jim Edinger Brainerd Lakes Fishing Guide
  • "BEST $ EVER SPENT! Made paying taxes on Minnetonka more bearable when my muck turned into awesome beach."

    Mike, Lake Minnetonka
  • "I have had a WeedRoller for 8 years and it affords our grandchildren an excellent swimming beach."

  • "We love our WeedRoller, it’s great!"

    T. Phillips Bay Lake
  • "Many thanks for your excellent service and installation of my WeedRoller."

    Jim, Lake Minnetonka
  • "The WeedRoller works great. I have used it for more than 6 years and it keeps the beach weed free and removes the sediment over time for a nice firm lake bottom surface."

    Todd M. Aitkin, MN
  • "I've used the Crary WeedRoller for about 20 years on my lakefront property and would choose no other way to control lake weeds.  It is an eco-friendly alternative to remove the lake weeds and helps keep the environment clean, in addition to creating an area for fish spawning.  It a great investment and will increase the value of my lake home for years to come!"

    Babe Winkelman Host of Good Fishing & Outdoor Secrets
  • "Our swimming  and our guests really appreciate the improvement.  There is a lot more and enjoyment of the sandy bottom."

    Geneva Beach Resort Alexandria, MN