For 25 years, Crary WeedRoller has provided outstanding products and service to the lake and marine industries. We, at Lakeside Innovations, promise to continue to provide these high quality products and support.  We sell only WeedRollers.  NOT boats or docks, or jet skis, etc.  We want to concentrate on WeedRollers and do them well.  We have a 85% referral rate; We can’t think of a better vote of confidence for the WeedRoller (and for us!).  The newest WeedRoller we sell is the WeedRoller Pro.

Enhancements of the WeedRoller PRO:

Cover More Beach Area
– The WeedRoller PRO now pivots a total of 300 degrees and the roller can extend to a maximum 42 foot radius, covering more of your beach area and removing more weeds.

Park Feature
– No need to wait for the WeedRoller PRO to finish a cycle to park the rollers. This new feature allows the user to stop and park the roller in any location during a cycle.

Removable Power Head-No tools required.  The new WeedRoller Pro comes apart in 3 sections.  This ake this the lightest and easiest to move WeedRoller!

Auto Cycle
– Your dealer can program the unit to cycle from 12 hours to 5 days. Simply press and hold the start button and the WeedRoller PRO does the rest.

Auto Timeout
– The WeedRoller PRO senses heavy weed or muck conditions that may prevent it from getting through its full travel path on the first try. If sensed, it will automatically reverse rotation to avoid getting stuck. For further protection if unsuccessful after three attempts the unit will shut down to allow removal of the obstruction.

Safety First
– 110-volt household current is converted to 28-volt AC through the power converter. Also included is an 8 amp circuit breaker on the 28-volt AC side.